Prophet3 20180811 is released

It’s been about a year since the last release of Prophet3, which was version 20170909. The main changes since then are the addition of a pawn hash table, improved Winboard compatibility, and a ponder search (*). I also added a depth preferred hash table, and tried using it in combination with an “always replace” table, […]

Another round of sparring partners for Prophet3

Back in early March I added aspiration windows to Prophet with a window of 1/3 pawn, as well as some futility pruning and delta pruning. My schedule hasn’t allowed me to do a lot of work on the code since then, so I took advantage of the time to find some new sparring partners. The […]

Prophet’s sparring partners

Several months ago I decided to get a little more rigorous about how I test changes to Prophet. With previous versions of Prophet, I would make a change, run some test suites consisting of a few hundred or a thousand tactical positions, play a few games online to convince myself the change was good, and […]

Prophet is back

After a VERY long absence from server play, the rewrite of my chess engine Prophet is finally far enough along to play some games online. The engine itself has been capable of play for a little while now, but I’ve establishing a testing routine and wanted to get an opening book. Previous versions of Prophet […]

It’s About Time

I’ve been working on “the big rewrite” of my C chess engine lately. I mentioned some time back that it was just barely capable of playing a legal game of chess. At the time it did a depth first search using a depth of 4. Since then, I’ve added a timing algorithm. The idea is […]