chess4j 1.2 is released!

chess4j 1.2 is in the wild. There hasn’t been any new development lately in terms of new features or playing strength, but I have put some effort into improving code quality using the excellent Sonar Source tools. Minimal cyclomatic complexity. No circular package dependencies. No critical or major violations. Over 80% test coverage and over […]

chess4j 1.0 is released!

chess4j is a Java based chess program I’ve been developing in my copious spare time. It’s finally reached a level that I’m comfortable doing an official release. It is not a strong engine; in fact I’ve done almost nothing to increase its playing strength. However, it has played hundreds if not thousands of test games […]

A Groovy way to handle user input

Several weeks ago I wrote about Prophet, my C/C++ chess program. I described in that post the approach I was using in the ParseXBoard( ) method to map user input to a “handler function” using a table of function pointers. As it turns out, I actually have TWO chess programs under active development. The other […]