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Another Goodbye

On Feb. 2 our family was dealt more bad news as Amy’s grandmother, Sallye Anderson passed away at age 88. It wasn’t totally unexpected, but it was certainly tough.

For many years our family has spent Sundays by going to church, and then going out to lunch with the entire family. After lunch we would all gather at Mr. and Mrs. Anderson’s house and spend the entire afternoon there, leaving just in time to get the kids in bed for school the next day. Sundays just won’t be the same.

I will never forget how she would greet me every single time I saw her. She would give a big smile and say “hey son!” I will sure miss that.

Mrs. Anderson’s obituary is here.


Goodbye Mrs. Anderson, for now. We love you and miss you.

Twenty Years

On Jan 21st Amy and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary! It seems incredible to me that we have been married that long already. When I look back, they’re all there but it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. But it’s true, we have spent half of our lives married to each other. That’s not even counting the three years we dated before that!

This being a “big one”, we really wanted to do something special. Above all we just wanted to spend some time together. It’s not very often that we do things without the kids, but this was going to be one of those times. We would leave the kids with Amy’s mom Eve for the week.

When we first started thinking about what to do, we thought about doing a cruise. Amy has never been on a cruise (and the only ones I’ve been on were the kind with the big gray ships that have a “USS” in their name). However, at the time Amy’s dad Rene was very sick battling cancer. We weren’t sure what would be going on by the time our anniversary rolled around, so we didn’t want to be stuck out on the water if something were to happen. Amy came up with the idea of just taking a road trip, to nowhere in particular, just a road trip. Then we decided to take a road trip to Key West.

So, on Monday 1/19 we boarded the pets, dropped the kids off with Eve, and headed south. We left around 11am and cruised into Daytona Beach around 6:30pm. That would be far enough for one day. We enjoyed a nice meal at Red Lobster and got a room at a Hyatt with an ocean view. The next morning we got back on the road. We made one stop in Boynton Beach to pick up some 95 Bordeaux Amy had ordered, then cruised into the Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada FL (about 75 miles from Key West). We had a gorgeous room with an ocean view (literally right there by the water!) and a hot tub on the balcony. It was so nice just opening the sliding glass doors up, or sitting on the balcony and enjoying the view in the warm weather. The resort had some nice restaurants so we just ate at one of them — Atlantic’s Edge — that night.


On our anniversary, Wednesday 1/21 we didn’t even leave the resort. 🙂 It was so….. relaxing. We slept in, ordered room service, had lunch at the Tiki Bar, drank some pina coladas, had dinner at Limoncello (the Italian restaurant), and enjoyed that 95 Bordeaux. It was a great day.

Thursday we ventured down to Key West. The traffic on all of those islands doesn’t move too fast so it took a couple of hours, but it was a nice scenic ride. While in Key West we visited the Southernmost Point, toured a lighthouse, saw the outside Hemingway’s house with all his six toed cats, ate at a little Italian Pizzeria, walked around a cemetery, and just did a lot of walking around. It got hot! By the time we got back in the car we were ready to head back to the resort for some more relaxation!


We had to check out Friday, but weren’t in a big hurry. We sort of lazily went about our morning, eating breakfast down by the water and just enjoying the last little bit we could. When we finally did check out we stopped by a couple of places around Key Largo to get some souvenirs. We made another stop in Boynton Beach to eat lunch, and got two more bottles of that 95 Bordeaux — one to be opened on our 25th anniversary and one on our 50th! (God willing!). We stopped for the night in St. Augustine, had another great meal and finally got home on Saturday afternoon.

So, all in all we spent five nights away from home, three of those in the Keys. We logged over 2000 miles. We ate some great meals. Most importantly though we had a great time just being together. It was a great way to celebrate our anniversary.

Life is a broken computer

This poem was written completely by Jamie, it’s an original work 100% by him.

Life is a broken computer.
Now boy let me tell you this,
I’m not working right.
Viruses are hitting me everywhere, and I can’t even charge.
My chords are ripped and my screen is cracked.
My speakers are destroyed and my vision is blurry.
Many of my sites are messed up.

Even through this, I have been goin’ on.
When I shut down I don’t stay shut down.
I always come back on.
Even though my internet is slow, I still get to where I need to go.
Viruses never kept me from getting to places.

They never will and they should never keep you either boy!
Now boy don’t you shut down.
I’m still goin’, boy
I’m still goin’,
Even though I’m not working right.