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Crossing Over

I just noticed this post I wrote back in April but never published! So here it is… better late than never?


Last weekend, 4/4 – 4/6 was Jamie’s last camping trip as a Cub Scout, and the last one with the 452/785 units. Jamie’s been a Cub Scout for 5 years now. He’s been to just about every camping trip (or maybe every one?), and I have to say this might have been the best camping trip yet. It sure had the best weather I can remember.

Jamie and I headed down to camp on Friday afternoon. I took off at lunch on Friday to finish packing, so that shortly after Jamie got home from school we could take off. We ended up getting to the camp around 5pm. It seems everyone was a little later getting there this year. Only a few people beat us there; we pretty much had our pick of spots to set up on.

Friday was the typical Camporee Friday: it’s all about “getting there” and getting set up. Since we were there so early we helped others as they rolled in. I probably helped put up 5 or 6 tents that afternoon. Jamie helped some too, in between running around with other boys, shaking sticks and playing whatever game they had going with the neighboring pack. (I heard something about a truce, and the breaking of the truce, and preparations for war…)

On Saturday things went a little differently. Normally all the boys in all dens stay together as they float from activity to activity, escorted along by some of the parents. This year the older boys had separate activities. From 9am-11am they built rockets, launched rockets, practiced the scout Oath and Law (in preparation for Cross Over that evening), and for the first time I can remember…. tomahawk throw!!!

As Jamie transitions into Boy Scouts it strikes me how fast it all went by. As one of the mom’s of one of Jamie’s fellow Cub Scouts put it… “in the blink of an eye they became Boy Scouts.”






Sad News

It is with great sadness that I write this.

After a short but difficult struggle with lung cancer, Amy’s dad Rene passed away on Dec. 19th. When I say short, it was really short. We were just camping with him in August! He had a backache at the time (and had back problems since early May), but thought it was a result of some work he had done around the house. And in fact, that’s how the doctors were treating it – with muscle relaxers. It wasn’t until late August that he had an x-ray and they discovered some spots that might be cancerous. That suspicion was confirmed in September as he was checked into Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston Salem NC. He never went home again. From the hospital he went to a nursing home for rehabilitation, and eventually to the VA Hospice in Salisbury NC.

I will say this about my father-in-law: he was one of the kindest, gentlest and most sincere people I have ever met. He was a good man and he’ll be missed. I hate that our kids have been robbed of both of their grandfathers now but I’m really very grateful for the example that he was to them. I’m grateful for the example he was to me.

Rene, we love you and miss you.

This picture was taken in Aug. 2008 at one of our annual camping trips to Cade’s Cove.