Escape from the Salt Mine!

Yep. My consulting career has been taken off hold. As of Jan. 1st I am officially (and once again) NOT an employee of A Wireless.

First, let me say that everything I wrote in this blog post still holds true. I went back to A Wireless because, well, they needed an IT Director, and I wanted to explore the possibility of a CIO type career track. That said, neither party was under the illusion this would last more than a couple of years.

Well, obviously it didn’t even last that long. In total I was employed around 15 months. It really didn’t take more than a few months for me to figure out that the CIO / management track was not for me. Oh, I had a GREAT team of guys working for me, but man did I miss writing software and working projects. Instead of studying up on testing methodologies, I was reading business management books. Instead of doing code commits I was submitting TPS reports. Instead of solving technical problems I was solving personnel problems. Instead… well, you get the idea.

I’m truly very grateful for the opportunity, but it wasn’t for me, and once I discovered that there was really no need to drag it out. During the summer I talked with my boss about it, and we worked together to come up with a plan that worked for all parties. The ironic thing is that one of the guys working for me (Stephen Stanton) was such an obvious fit for the position that I don’t know why they didn’t promote him up to it in the first place! But, it’s his now! Congratulations Stephen!

So, I can now announce with some excitement that Swafford Consulting LLC is now open for business! I already have three clients, and there is a prospect for something very big in the coming months, but those are all posts for another time.

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