Mele Kalikimaka!

Ok, I totally stole that post title from Amy’s Facebook page. She’ll figure it out one of these days. I stole the picture below too.


Jamie, Ailsa, and their cousin Kayla were all in the Farmville Arts Council’s production of “White Christmas”. The play runs from Thursday Nov. 21st – Sunday Nov. 24th. Amy and I, as well as Amy’s mom Eve, sister Melanie and her husband Rob all had tickets to see the kids perform last night. THEY WERE AWESOME!

The central characters of the play are two American GI’s who were together in WWII. The play begins on the battlefield in 1944, but quickly fast forwards to their post-army lives ten years later, in 1954. By this time these characters have hit it big in music. They have it all, except that is, love. Naturally they meet up with two girls (also musicians but not big time yet). They also meet up with their former General, who just happens to own an inn in Vermont. So that’s where much of the story is set — at the inn, which is in danger of being foreclosed. In the end the inn is not foreclosed, the general figures out that he can’t run his inn like a battalion, and the main characters are all in love. 🙂

The kids had a small part at the beginning of act II. It’s a scene set in the barn at this inn, where they are practicing to put on a show. They had to sing and dance, and they were all great!

My favorite part might just have been the end of the show — the curtain call. I loved seeing all the kids come out, take each other by the hand, and bow to an applauding audience. That was something I won’t soon forget.

Great job kids!

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