Monthly Archives: September 2013

Get Your Popcorn Here!

Today was a LONG day, but a pretty good day. Pack 452 set up shop at Lowe’s to sell some popcorn, which is our main fundraiser for the year. Jamie was a popcorn selling machine today! We got there at 7:30am to set up, started selling by 8:00, and kept right on going until 2:30pm. In the end, we sold over $1000 in popcorn and received another $150 in donations. Way to go guys! One down, one to go…. next week at Sam’s Club!


When to Blog?

I haven’t been very good at keeping this blog up as of late. Honestly, I’ve wondered if I should just take it down. I’ve decided not to take it down, at least for the time being. I really want to keep it up, but normally it comes down to time.

Another thought I’ve had: what exactly is “blog worthy?” That really comes down to how these questions are answered: Who is this blog for? What do I want it to be? I’ve decided to change tactics. Initially I bought into the idea that, in order to be successful as a consultant one really needed a blog to advertise himself. But, that implies that blog posts should be these very well researched, ideally fairly detailed writings of technical genius. Hence, not much posts over the last year.

Scratch that.

Hopefully there will be a handful of those types of posts, but I’ve decided I’m more interested in documenting life as it happens. When I think back on some of the events of my life with Amy over the last 20 years, some things get a little fuzzy! I wonder how many things I just don’t remember any more? There have been many events over the last year that I thought would be “good to write in a journal,” such as our recent trip to see Depeche Mode, or ripping the den floor down to dirt, or our family vacation to New Orleans.

So, I guess what I’m saying is this is one case I’ll choose quantity over quality! 🙂